Social Media Marketing

social media communitySocial media marketing really isn’t anything unless you have a community. Building a responsive and active community will increase you return on investment. At Chiganic we help you develop the tools necessary to build a strong thriving digital community.

A successful social media marketing strategy is developed by creating a brand story. This story is then communicated through authenticity, participation, and engagement. These three components help create an authentic purpose within your community; helping your followers identify with your brand and your businesses core values. We’ll help you bring your brand story to life and create a dynamic social environment for your audience.


Not all social platforms are created equal

Taking this into consideration when planning your social media strategy is essential for focusing your efforts on the platforms that work best for you. We’ll analyze which platforms best suit your brand, leaving you to focus your efforts in targeting the best social channels for audience growth and conversion.

Our Social Media marketing Services Include:

    • Social Media Paid Advertising
      Just because you build it, doesn't mean they will necessarily come.
      When building a social community from the ground up it can take strategic paid advertising to bring an audience to you. Through psychographic targeting we help you make the most of your advertising budget bringing you the best return on investment.
    • Social Media Training Services
      It may be that all your team needs is a little extra know how to get your social machine rolling. We set up training programs from basic start ups to large scale, multi platform social media campaigns. Let us help you and your team meet their highest social potential.
    • Editorial Calendar Development
      Consistency is the key when maintaining or creating a relationship with your social media audience. Creating a proper editorial calendar will help keep your brand in the eye of the social beholder. We can consult or create a calendar that maintains your story and falls in line with your followers activities, interests and opinions.
    • Social Contest Development
      Contests are a great way to engage and bring your community together. We'll help you expand the reach your contests has by networking with other brands and a shared audience. It's important to remember, as much as we all love free stuff, it's not only about giving something away; it's about strategic preparation, content, and outreach.
    • Social Media Profile Optimization
      If you're new to the market, or simply have social media platforms that are in need of a little refreshing, we can help with that! We optimize your social media platforms so they not only stand out, but reflect your current brands story. Having your social platforms prominently displayed in search engine results can help protect your brand, and will of course play a big part in bringing traffic back to your website.
    • Live Social Broadcasting
      Our team brings the best in live broadcasting to social media. From live on air concerts to virtual conferences. We help you broadcast events from platforms and media that best suit the occasion.

Don’t let your brands social media be a burden. Our team of experts can help you elevate your brand and turn your social channels into a driving source of traffic. We’ll customize our services to suit your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!