Content Marketing

Tell Your Brands Story

book and iphoneAt Chiganic Digital Marketing our goal is to help connect your story with your community. We’ll guide your brands content marketing strategy in order to weave a story that shares a commonality with your targeted audience.

Stories are one of the most primal forms of communication. They inspire our imagination, and connect us to a time, place, or feeling. Stories share an authentic experience that evolves through collaboration and a genuine relationship with your community. A compelling story can spark creativity, self discovery and change.

There’s no doubt that having a well executed content marketing strategy takes time and effort. From a technical standpoint a good content marketing strategy will drive traffic to your site and keep it fresh in they eyes of search engines.


Our Content Marketing Services:

    • Topic & Engagement Research
      Using demographic and psychometric analysis, competitor research, topical keyword research, and good old fashioned collaboration, we create the perfect content direction for you. We apply what we find and add a pinch of imagination to bring your story to life.
    • Editorial Calendar Creation
      Planning and strategy go a long way. Topical interest is often cyclical, so planning and timing are crucial. The research and creation of an editorial calendar gives you a definite leg up on your competition. No matter what stage your business is at, we're happy to simply advise, or handle the full editorial calendar process.
    • Copywriting Services
      Your story isn't a story without a storyteller. We have some of the most creative copywriters available in any niche. Our expert team of content creators ensure that your brands voice will maximize your return on investment. From B2B and B2C your copy can be prepared for all digital platforms.
    • Performance Evaluation
      Content comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it's blog posts, infographics, interviews, or white papers, it's important to measure it's success. We'll dig into your web site analytics, and social channels, to determine the success of your content marketing strategy. Gauging these metrics can give unrivaled insight into what types of content your brand fans are looking for.

Start targeting the perfect content at the right audience! Contact us today to discuss your custom built content marketing package and pricing today!